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L'Être Differént showing yourself.

Être Differént means listening own breath, own beat. Give action to thoughts and feelings to reveal them on the outside with lightness of wings and elegant grace.

Être Differént means aiming at your goals without being afraid of making mistakes, based on your choices and certainties and then showing them outside.

L'Être Differént means to strip oneself of your fears and to go on your own way, showing your decision, character and beauty.

Être Differént means to create beauty on your body by externalizing the hidden corners of the soul and mind. Get out of it like the leaves from the trees that show the uniqueness of their shapes.

Être Differént is directing the step towards new goals, drawing the path of our dreams to create new designs of golden and precious lines.

This is how Etre Différent is born, from the meeting of different souls, from the union of different lifestyles, united by the courage not to be homologated to society, to know how to dare, to welcome and fully appreciate the infinite taste of difference.

L'Être Differént is the practical demonstration, in the form of jewels, that in one body can coexist different but at the same time unique souls.

WINGS L'Être Differént spreading its wings to protect itself from storms and reborn from the air with lightness and elegance.
L'Etre Differént Wings is a collection made of enamelled 925 silver and stone inserts.

LEAVES L'Être Differént arising from the power of the earth, becoming roots until the awakening of leaves, to open up to the essence of nature and become part of it.
L'Être différent Leaves is a collection made of oxidized silver 925 and stone inserts.

HORNS AND LEATHER L'Être Differént marking on its body strong and essential details that define the character in its uniqueness and determination.
L'Être Differént Horn is a collection made of genuine leather and stone inserts.
L'Être Differént Leather is a collection of bracelets and goliers made of genuine leather woven entirely by hand, with inserts in silver 925 and stones.

MINIMAL L'Être Differént in the small details that make the difference. Details that make unique by giving elegance, defining a distinguishable class and an ethereal refinement.
L'Être Differént Minimal is a collection made of oxidized silver 925 and stone inserts.

PEPITES L'Être Differént adorning the body with the light and the elegance of the nuggets that surround the body lines that draw the road to successes in external interactions and personal satisfactions.
L'Être Differént Pepites is a collection made of oxidized silver 925 and stone inserts.

SPECIAL L'Etre Differént distinguishing itself with strong and provocative details characterized by specific shapes, clear and decisive that indicate the firmness and character of the wearer.
L'Être Differént Special is a collection made of oxidized silver 925 and stone inserts.